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    Sites offering unique and useful content on multiplayer poker games. This category is for broadly focused sites covering multiple poker topics. "Poker" offers a communal, multi-player experience. Players play against each other, not against the house or robots. The house has no interest in who wins or loses. "Video Poker" features an individual playing against a house-backed machine. The house has a direct interest in the winning and losing. Video Poker sites should go to Video Poker.
    - Software for analyzing, simulating and studying poker should be submitted to Poker Software.
    - Online poker rooms where people can play multi-player poker games should submit to Online Cardrooms.
    - Sites offering reviews or strategy specific to online play should submit to the Guides subcategory.
    - Sites devoted to a single type of game should submit to the Stud, Omaha or Texas Holdem subcategories.
    This category is for broadly focused sites covering multiple poker topics.


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