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This category contains listings of sites primarily about the use of Computers other than for a purpose fitting one of the other Subcategory top level categories. The Subcategory Computers category contains sites that are about:
    computers in themselves in general;
    specific individual parts and areas of all or most computers, such as Hardware or Software, not primarily used for or by a single Subcategory top level category field;
    the use of computers for purposes spanning multiple Subcategory top level category fields, such as Graphics, when the graphics could be scientific or artistic or business oriented, or for Databases or the Internet in general, which store or carry all sorts of information, for whatever purpose;
    fields that are only conceptually possible through the use of computer concepts;
Computers is a high-level category. Please submit your links to a suitable subcategory of this category. There are many to choose from, so please choose carefully. Thank you.


CAD and CAM (27)

Companies (15)

Graphics (7)

Hardware (21)

Internet (42)

Mobile Computing (7)

Open Source (14)

Programming (27)

Security (20)

Software (60)

Systems (13)

Virtual Reality (14)


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