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    Sports can be generally defined as competitive events involving physical exertion. Included here are sports that may be recreational rather than competitive activities for most people, such as bicycling. If you don't find what you're looking for here, check the related categories Games (for competitive but non-physical activities, like chess) or Recreation/ Outdoors (for outdoor physical activities that aren't normally competitive, such as hiking).
    Sites will not be listed at the top level of Sports. Please do a search to find a more appropriate location in one of the subcategories.


Archery (7)

Badminton (6)

Baseball (10)

Basketball (10)

Bowling (4)

Boxing (1)

Cricket (13)

Equestrian (6)

Football (2)

Golf (19)

Gymnastics (6)

Handball (6)

Hockey (7)

Martial Arts (1)

Resources (8)

Rodeo (5)

Rugby (4)

Shooting (5)

Soccer (10)

Table Tennis (4)

Tennis (6)

Volleyball (4)

Walking (11)

Water Sports (16)

Web Directories (1)

Winter Sports (6)

Wrestling (5)


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