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The DWS Internet Directory Arts category contains english language sites about art. This includes the "liberal arts", concerned with skill of expression in language, speech, and reasoning, and the "fine arts", concerned with affecting aesthetics directly, and especially affecting the sense of beauty. Art is an abstract and subjective quality: It can be studied, but cannot be objectively measured, counted, weighed, or absolutely compared; it can only appeal to the viewers or audience's personal senses.

Sites primarily about arts or artists (actors, painters, musicians, etc.) should be listed in the appropriate Arts and Humanities category.
Sites primarily devoted to selling products, even artwork or artists'' products, should be listed in Shopping.
Businesses that serve the arts communities without directly creating art themselves - agents, casting companies, financiers - are listed under the appropriate category of Business.
Sites about art that is produced or viewed through computers are listed under Arts and Humanities while sites about computer tools or data formats that can be used either for art or non-artistic work should be listed under Computers and Internet.
Activities that entertain their participants more than the audience belong in Recreation.


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